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Personal Information

My student number is s3724287, and as of this year I begun my journey on a bachelor of IT at RMIT. I was born in Sydney Australia and unfortunately only speak English. Besides tertiary education, I work full time at a media production company at Fox Studios Australia- it encompasses a lot of my time which led to me only partially completing a bachelor of business at UTS. However thanks to RMIT’s remote learning program I have been able to work my studies around my schedule more effectively and can continue to work full time and study. 

Interest In IT

I have had a deep interest in IT for the past few years- as it has helped me accomplish professional tasks more effectively. From collating information for clients with a data miner, to the construction and monitoring of websites with tools such as Google Analytics and website building platforms such as WordPress. The use of IT tools has allowed me to go above beyond the expectations of my role. 

RMIT had always been on my shortlist of universities to attend. Their modern approach to learning, flexible courses and real world activities that are done throughout the educating experience all culminate to create a more job ready graduate. These positive traits along with the fact that they offered my ideal course through their remote learning program meant that it was the ideal university for me to transition to. 

Although most facets of IT can be learnt gradually- as in learning IT solutions as they position themselves in the way of a task. In order to approach existing problems before they become an issue I would Ideally like to have deep knowledge of the subject. In particular I have a lot of interest in AI, Big Data Analytics, the use of IT in design. All of which I shall hopefully learn throughout the course. 

Ideal Job

My ideal job would pivot on the combination of my degree in IT and my current occupation in Television Production. In order to do that I believe a job such as a Technical Lead at a digital or media production agency would make the most use of my skills and future skills. 

In an upper management position- it would be a great opportunity to direct digital strategy. According to the job description- the role suggests over a decade of IT industry experience, and a formal qualification in some facet of IT. In terms of skills, it requires management capabilities coupled with a deep understanding of software engineering. 

As it stands I have some experience in digital content creation (website development, e-commerce solutions), however lack a deep understanding of software engineering, stakeholder management or growing high-performance software engineering teams. 

To obtain the skills, qualifications and experience required for the position- in summary can be achieved by progressing across these goals:

  • Maintain a strong career trajectory in Television- which is an primed for increased efficiency through further IT based solutions.
  • Graduate from RMIT with a bachelor of IT specialising in Artificial intelligence
  • Take on board more managerial responsibility and software engineering based tasks within Television & Media
  • Transition into other roles premised on software engineering until the necessary years of industry experience have been achieved. 


Auditory: 20%

Visual: 65%

Tactile: 15%

  • My creativity score is 81.75

These tests reinforce my faith that I can achieve my career goals. They do so by cementing the idea that I have creative and strategic tendencies which are essential in a competitive business environment. Moreover, learning that my learning style is visual- I will implore to incorporate more visual learning methods in my studies. 

My competitive, strategic and commanding nature will probably make me a prominent voice in a group environment. However, I also understand the importance of respecting other’s and their ideas- and allowing alternative thinking to my own take hold of a problem space in order to achieve the most well-rounded and creative solution. 

When forming a team- I will seek to find alternative thinking to my own. More specifically, I will find a less creative more procedural individual who can involve themselves deeply within one task for extended periods of time. Moreover I will look to a team with a less defined voice in order to avoid conflict with my supposed ‘commander’ personality type.  


In summary the project will pivot on a app based platform that facilitates a sharing economy for local grown produce. In terms of development- the app would necessitate a proficient understanding of an app builder such as X-Code- in order to build the interface and features. It would also require the development of an information system to collate the data from users in order to turn it into useful information. From a hardware perspective the use of sensors that communicate to your app- and other’s would essentially

As it stands Australia’s Transport sector accounts for 26 per cent of all energy consumption or 1545 petajoules of energy. A platform that encourages the sharing of locally grown produce would aid in reducing this. Moreover from an economic perspective- a platform that facilitates easy communication between growers and eager-buyers- creates a source of work/income that may not be accessible for people (retirees who want to stay home and earn some more income, people with disabilities who would like to generate some income but still need access to urban services, large community grader’s that would like to generate income for further community projects etc). Lastly, despite land constraints, In New York City, if all available urban vacant lots and other open spaces, potential vegetable production could provide food annually for 0.55 million people- and that’s excluding private lots. Now consider the potential in the much less dense cities of Sydney or Melbourne.

Core Features Of The Product

  • An information system that utilises user input data, sensors (moisture sensor, O2 sensor etc) that are processed through crop estimate and maintainance software such as Advance Grain to create valuable information for the producer and consumer. Furthermore the information system would also have to collate user location data- the data could be used to direct consumers to the producers desired exchange location information. Lastly a feedback loop is necessary in order to maintain the quality of the foods being distributed- simple rating data would need to be collated in order to create a quality guide (information) for the consumer. The processing and collation of the data would all be accomplished through a cloud based services provided by AWS- for example their AWS IoT Things Graph service. 
  • The growers interface would then utilise the information provided by the information system to visually represent the status of their produce. For example from a maintenance perspective- it would remind the user when their crop is in need of attention. Furthermore it could also estimate yields and subsequently propose potential values- providing an immediate feedback loop, allowing transparent decision making for the grower. 
  • The consumer interface would primarily visualise location information in conjunction with prices and photos of the produce so that they can make an informed consumer decision. There would also be a simple star rating to guide purchase decisions- very similar to all other crowd sharing platforms.

Outside of the platform the user will also need a consistent internet connection, their choice of sensors- which are widely available and affordable, for example a Gravity: Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor can be purchased for $8.60 USD. The onus will be on the grower to decide whether they would like to embrace the IOT and create a networked information loop. 

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